My brothers Keeper worshop Akvah


In the month of November 20013, the INH conduct a presentation for the Dimona Israel Akva school student counsel entitled My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper. The goal was to share and discuss leadership and conflict reconciliation skills based on the principles of the INH which include principles of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Lifestyle of the Village of Peace under the leadership of Ben Ammi inclusive of recognizing types and levels of conflict, approaches to reconciling conflict, respecting others values and effective communication all in relation to a school setting. The sessions took place over a three week period one day a week for two and half hours each day with twelve students. The sessions were very interactive inclusive of a PowerPoint presentation and Conflict Reconciliation activities that inspired every student to participate.  In conclusion the students gave there evaluations on what they experienced with a unanimous approval of the program and their desire for future engagements.