The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was formed in 1957 and embodies the vision and philosophy of its founding President, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. SCLC profoundly affected the modern civil rights movement as well as the course of American political history in the second half of the twentieth century and continues to be a force for social change in the United States and internationally. SCLC is dedicated to promoting spiritual principles within it’s membership and local communities; to educate youth and adults in the areas of personal responsibility, leadership potential, and community service; to ensure economic justice and civil rights in the areas of discrimination and affirmative action; and to eradicate environmental classism and racism wherever it exists. The SCLC is open to all regardless of race, religion, or background. – www.sclcnational.org

The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

The African Israelites of Jerusalem are a community of approximately 2,500 in Israel and thousands more worldwide who trace their heritage to the ancient Israelites of the Torah/ Bible. They have resided in Israel almost 40 years and their main settlement in Dimona is also known as The Village of Peace, renowned for it’s holistic, spiritually based lifestyle. They have become a haven for visitors from all walks of life, from all around the world including many internationally known personalities like superstars Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Winnie Mandela. The community has within its borders the development of a new humanity that in fact allows participation based on the content of one’s character and not race. – www.kingdomofyah.com

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